If it consists of words and design,

we have you covered!

Website Design & Coding

Our premium websites are designed from the ground up to highlight your product or service, with specific goals and messages crafted for each main page. We will design and create a responsive website that is fun, functional, and engaging. All of our coding is done in-house, which means we won’t design something we can’t code, or code something we can’t design. Problems and issues are resolved quickly without having to rely on outside contractors.

Website Hosting

Design & Word offers complete website hosting services at affordable prices. Unlimited web-based email, visitor logs, spam blocking, automatic back-ups, and online support are included in your monthly rate, with 99% of up-time assured.

Website Maintenance

While your website may already be visually engaging and garnering the attention you need, maintaining it with updated code and polishing the design at regular intervals keeps it relevant and fresh in a constant changing market. Design & Word offers a full line of services- everything from small projects like adding new images to major changes that include rewriting sections of code- to help you update and tweak your online presence.


Want to Google your website and have it appear at the top of the search results? Then a search engine optimization (SEO) overhaul is the service you need. Through specialized content editing and coding, we’ll utilize specific keywords to promote and increase your search engine visibility and organic reach. For more information and a detailed plan on how SEO can work for you, call us at 843-252-0012.

Our body of work

Curious about our designs? Here is a sampling of past projects.